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These general terms and conditions apply to your purchases and use of the website The terms constitute an agreement between you and Washflee L.L.C, . If you have any questions, contact us here.

By making purchases from and using this website, you agree to the following terms. Therefore, we kindly ask you to carefully read through the terms before using our site.


1.1 Washflee is a company that provides laundry services to its customers. The service includes pickup, household washing, ironing, pressing, stain treatment, and return (‘Service’). Household washing currently refers to machine washing, excluding handwashing.

1.2 These general terms and conditions apply between Washflee, and users or companies of the Service.
1.3 To order the service, the customer must register on Washflee website or APP .
1.4 The customer must accept the Terms, which are legally binding for all Service users.
1.5 The minimum age to use the service is 18 years.
1.6 Washflee only performs pickups within a 5-mile radius.
1.7 If the customer does not accept or is unable to comply with the Terms, the customer is not entitled to use the Service. Washflee reserves the right to terminate customers who do not comply with the Terms.
1.8 The customer must inform Washflee of any potential damage to clothes that could cause spreading, such as clothing moths or similar. Washflee then has the right to cancel your order.



2.1 The information the customer registers on the user account must be complete and accurate. It is the customer’s responsibility to keep their details updated.
2.2 The customer is responsible for protecting their password and other login details for the user account. The customer’s account details are personal and may not be transferred or used by anyone other than the customer.
2.3 In case the customer becomes aware of unauthorized use of the user’s account or other security breaches, the customer must immediately notify Washflee.



3.1 The current service price is indicated under package info on the website.
3.2 Prices are inclusive of VAT and fees unless otherwise stated. The customer can view the price during payment.
3.3 The customer is charged upon delivery or directly on the website for weekly or monthly subscriptions.
3.4 Payment is made upon ordering the service. A reminder fee of 60 AED applies for delayed payments.
3.5 In the event of a failed payment, the customer is notified. The customer’s order remains for 48 hours. If payment is not made within 48 hours, the order is canceled.
3.7 Payments are made via different card payments. Card payment is processed on the website when choosing card payment as the method.



4.1 Pickup of laundry occurs at the address provided by the customer upon registration, unless otherwise agreed. The customer can also leave the laundry in bags outside the provided address. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the address is correct. The responsibility for the laundry transfers to Washflee only after the laundry has been picked up. The laundry is picked up on the day and time scheduled by the customer on the website after payment.
4.2 Washflee weighs the laundry upon pickup. The customer receives a pickup receipt with the weight of the laundry sent via email. If the laundry exceeds the agreed weight, Washflee reserves the right to charge according to the current price list.
4.3 If the customer is not available at the provided address or if no laundry is placed at the pickup time, no refund is issued. Washflee is not obliged to pick up the laundry at another pickup time.
4.4 During laundry pickup, the customer should specify desired actions if not indicated during ordering (Other information).
4.5 If the customer is unavailable at the address or if there are no written instructions, the laundry will be washed according to the instructions on the garment’s label. If no instructions are provided, the garments will be washed as per their normal washing instructions.
4.6 In case of delays, Washflee will contact the customer to arrange a new pickup time.
4.7 The customer can cancel or change the pickup time before 23:59 on the day before the agreed pickup. For changes or cancellations later than this, an administrative fee of 200 SEK applies.
4.8 Pickup is included in the price unless otherwise agreed.



5.1 It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the address is correct. The return of the laundry occurs at the address provided by the customer upon registration of the user account unless otherwise agreed upon. If there is no person available at the address during the laundry return, the laundry will be left outside the door at the specified address unless otherwise agreed upon. The responsibility for the laundry transfers to the customer once Washflee has returned the laundry.
5.2 Everyday laundry is returned within 48 hours after pickup. All types of dry cleaning are returned within 5 working days. The customer is always contacted before the return.
5.3 In case of delays, Washflee will contact the customer to arrange a new time for the return.
5.4 Return is included in the price unless otherwise agreed upon.
5.5 The customer can cancel or change the return time until 23:59 on the day before the agreed return. For changes or cancellations made later than this, an administrative fee of 30 AED applies. Return is included in the price unless otherwise agreed upon.



6.1 If the customer cancels an order before it is completed, Washflee is entitled to compensation for the part of the work that has already been performed. Washflee also reserves the right to compensation for lost income due to the inability to undertake other work.
7 COMPLAINTS 7.1 Complaints regarding laundry items should be directed straight to Washflee.
7.2 It is the customer’s responsibility to promptly examine the laundry items upon return to detect any faults.
7.3 Any complaints about the service must be made to Washflee within a reasonable time from when the customer discovers the issue. A complaint made within 2 weeks after the customer notices the fault shall always be considered as timely.
7.4 If upon complaint it turns out that there are no faults with the laundry items, Washflee is entitled to compensation for the costs arising from the complaint. Washflee is obliged to inform the customer of this during the complaint process.
7.5 For complaints regarding the quality or condition of laundry, mattress toppers, or carpets, we reserve the right to take action to address the issue. This may include re-washing, cleaning, or other appropriate measures. If a complaint results in the inability to return the laundry by the expected date, we release ourselves from responsibility for any consequences of this.
If a complaint results in the laundry not being available by an expected date, we release ourselves from liability for any resulting consequences.



8.1 Washflee is responsible for damage to laundry items that occurred while Washflee was responsible for the laundry. Washflee shall notify the customer if damage has occurred. If the garment or carpet had damages from the outset, we waive any liability. Washflee is not responsible for beads, zippers, buttons, and delicate fabrics.
8.2 Washflee commits to compensate for damage that has occurred to the laundry items at their current value, considering depreciation. To claim compensation for damages or alterations to the laundry, you must provide evidence of the laundry’s value. If damage occurs, Washflee has the right to repair the damage before discussing compensation.
8.3 If the customer can demonstrate damage to a garment that forms part of a set, such as a suit or a costume, Washflee is obliged to compensate for both items. If Washflee can prove that the incurred damage is not due to negligence on our part, we are exempt from liability. Washflee is not liable for garments sent as household laundry (per kilogram) that do not tolerate tumble drying and shrink.
8.4 In cases where Washflee has informed about risks on the website, app, or in the terms and discouraged the customer from a specific service, Washflee is not liable for damage if the customer chooses to proceed with the service despite the advice. If the customer chooses not to proceed due to the risk of damage, a fee of 200 SEK is charged for transportation. Washflee does not take responsibility for viscose, silk, and wool carpets that shrink, lose luster/color, or discolor. Discoloration and stains may persist after washing.
8.5 All carpets undergo a wet cleaning process. The customer is aware that if a carpet that cannot withstand water is submitted for cleaning, we disclaim any risks and liabilities for any damages or alterations that may occur during the cleaning process. Damaged carpets may be destroyed during washing; damaged carpets are washed at the customer’s risk without guarantees.
8.6 Washflee is not responsible for mattress toppers submitted for cleaning. Mattress toppers are cleaned at the customer’s risk, as they can be sensitive to cleaning treatment. The customer consents that any damages or alterations that may occur during the mattress topper’s cleaning process are not Washflee’s responsibility.



9.1 The terms are valid indefinitely and can be terminated by the customer before the agreed-upon time, by 11:59 PM the day before.
10 INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS 10.1 The website is protected by copyright. This means that anyone who wishes to use material from the website must obtain written consent from Washflee. Using material from the website without Washflee’s consent constitutes copyright infringement. Copyright infringement may result in liability for damages.
11 LINKS TO THIRD PARTIES 11.1 The website may contain links to third parties. These websites or services are beyond Washflee’s control and responsibility. Washflee is not liable for any damages that may arise from the use of services found on linked pages.
11.2 Washflee encourages users and visitors to the website who click on links placed on the website to review the terms and privacy policies of these websites.



12.1 Washflee’s handling of personal data always complies with the Personal Data Act.
12.2 The customer consents to Washflee collecting personal data. Washflee stores the User’s personal data to perform the Service in the best possible way and to provide the best possible service. Handling of personal data occurs with data support.
12.3 Washflee always obtains the customer’s consent for the use of personal data for marketing purposes.
12.4 The customer can contact Washflee to request correction or deletion of their personal data.
12.5 Washflee does not disclose personal data to third parties.



13.1 A cookie is a passive text file stored on your computer. Washflee uses cookies to facilitate visitor usage of the website for anonymous visit statistics, to distinguish logged-in users on the site, and to build segments and target groups for ad optimization.
13.2 Users can manage cookies in browser settings.



14.1 Washflee has the right to unilaterally change the content of these terms. The changes take effect no earlier than 30 days after they have been published on the website or otherwise addressed to the customer.
15 APPLICABLE LAW AND DISPUTE 15.1 DiFC law shall apply in the event of a dispute over the terms.
15.2 Any disputes regarding the service should, if Washflee and the customer cannot reach an agreement, be referred to the decision of the General Complaints Board. Washflee undertakes to follow the General Complaints Board’s recommendation.